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Jon F. Kaminsky is a professional hydrogeologist with broad experience in project management, NEPA analysis, and natural resource management. Jon's most recent focus has been the collection and analysis of geologic and hydrologic field data for mineral resource and hydrogeologic evaluation as it relates to state and federal (BLM, USFS) permitting. Jon's technical specialties include vadose zone monitoring, groundwater modeling, contamination and remediation studies, mine and oil/gas permitting, in addition to solving problems related to reclamation, geomorphology, riparian habitat and channel restoration.


Jon was formerly with the Bureau of Land Management in Lander, Wyoming where he held the position of geologist and Assistant Field Manager for Minerals and Lands and managed an active locatable, leasable, and salable minerals department, involved with commodities such as oil/gas, uranium, gold, phosphate, and aggregates, in addition to analyzing and permitting large realty actions such as wind power, natural gas and CO2 pipelines, and utility corridors. While at the BLM, Jon authored the minerals-related sections of the Lander Field Office RMP, numerous minerals-related NEPA documents and also authored the Lander Mineral Occurrence and Development Potential Report. Jon led the field office response to managing sage grouse habitat as it applies to minerals and lands, and this work has been shared and used by other field offices inside and outside Wyoming.


Jon has worked on both sides of the regulatory desk in oil/gas and mining, with experience in Federal and Tribal mining law, mineral leasing, and regulatory compliance. He has extensive experience from both regulator and proponent perspectives in preparing and implementing Resource Management Plans, Environmental Impact Statements, Environmental Assessments, and Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Studies. Jon has an in-depth knowledge of NEPA, 43 CFR 3809 Surface Management Regulations, mining law, land tenure, and locatable, salable and leasable mineral regulations as they apply to the public lands.


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